Ask anyone you know about the things they want to improve on and eating healthy or losing weight will be a common answer. In the past few years, we have seen a boom of apps and programs meeting the demand of increased consumer awareness to health and longevity. According to a study by the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is currently valued at $4.5 trillion with healthy eating and nutrition valued at $702 billion. Yet this is an industry strife with inequality and a lack of representation. …

No pun intended, but Haus has become a household name in the past few years. Its beautifully-designed bottles take center stage on home bar carts, and the aperitifs are served on their own or splashed into a cocktail for heightened taste. Trying to stake a claim against the conglomerates of Anheuser-Busch and Heineken Holding, who have substantial stakes in a whopping $62 billion market in the United States alone, according to an IBIS World Report, is not an easy feat. …

Written by: Abena Anim-Somuah and Dana Iverson

Launched in 2019, When Founder Met Funder (WFMF) has been one of All Raise’s strongest initiatives to support Black female founders. Through small groups, networking, mentor matching, and inspiration pieces, the day-long event offers Black female founders a unique opportunity to connect with investors and fellow founders in Silicon Valley and beyond. Last year, WFMF attracted 120 founders and 40 VCs.

From left to right Julia Collins, Megan Holston-Alexander, and Domonique Fines, founders of When Founder Met Funder

Julia Collins, Domonique Fines, and Megan Holston-Alexander founded WFMF to address the fact that Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, yet they receive a negligible percentage of…

2020 was quite the year but the Internet played a huge role in fostering online communities when it was unsafe to gather offline. Slack groups and Discord chats were on the rise as people craved interaction with those who shared similar interests. Alisha Ramos is well versed in fostering community online. As a self -dubbed “online person,” she started a newsletter, Girls’ Night In, as a celebration of staying in. With the world forced to shut in due to COVID-19, Ramos and her team launched The Lounge, an online community for avid readers of her newsletter.

In this interview, Ramos…

Hello and welcome to monthly musings, this new column where I publicly present my stream of consciousness based on topics that are living rent-free in my noggin. This is the first of hopefully many installments, so keep your eyes peeled!

Fran really woke up and said “Tell me you’re a New Yorker without telling me you’re a New Yorker”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the rise of people building their brands on the Internet. It seems like we are reverting back to the age of the early 2000s where everyone had a personal website with the aspirations of being a blogger. …

Kim Stiefel, Co-Founder and CEO of Repeat & Henri Pierre-Jacques, Managing Partner at Harlem Capital

In our newest installment of “It Takes Two,” our column where we feature two stakeholders in the world of entrepreneurship, we sat down with Kim Stiefel of Repeat and Henri Pierre-Jacques of Harlem Capital. Pierre-Jacques and his team led Repeat’s $1.5 million seed round with Act One Ventures, Mucker Capital, Techstars, and a few new investors, Breaktrail Ventures, Wedbush Ventures, and Vamos Ventures.

Kim Stiefel is co-founder and CEO of Repeat, a platform that is designed to help CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies turn one-time buyers into loyal fans by providing a frictionless ordering experience for customers.

Henri Pierre-Jacques is…

If we’ve ever interacted, you know how much I love food. It’s one of my core values and I’m always thinking about the next restaurant I want to add to my bucket list, the next challenging dessert I want to tackle, or the next food memoir I want to devour. 2020 was a year that I came to appreciate my passion for making food and just how skilled I am at whipping things up.

Like everyone with an ambitious quarantine project, I started a baking Instagram account (follow me if you dare) to keep track of my culinary escapades and…

Since I was 3, books have been a constant. I was the kid who read with the flashlight hours after bedtime, sat heads down, and cross-legged through dinner parties, church services, and recitals getting lost in the fictional worlds created by my favourite authors.

In a year full of uncertainty and loss, reading was one of the few things that brought back a certain comfort akin to my loyal security blanket. On days filled with Zoom meetings and incessant pings, retreating into a book was the best reset and easiest space from a less than an ideal year.

Through the…

Babba Rivera is a true force of nature with a list of achievements to boot. From leading marketing teams at Away and Uber to building HER, a community for women developing their careers, Babba is on her next mission to transform the beauty industry for Latina consumers. In October, Rivera launched Ceremonia, a clean hair brand rooted in celebrating traditional Latina hair care. In this interview, Babba shares details about her arduous fundraising journey, the life lessons in her career, and the fashion pieces that she can’t live without!

What inspired you to start Ceremonia?

Babba Rivera: Growing up as a Latin American immigrant in a…

As the weathers starts to cool in some parts of the world, snuggling up with a good read and your favorite beverage sounds like the most calming activity after a long day. We asked some incredible female investors, founders, and operators in our community what they’ve reading to pass the time. Hope you find your next read among these recommendations.

Talia Goldberg, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson

“Not only an unbelievable entrepreneur, scientist, innovator, and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin also happens to be witty and hilarious. Timeless book.”

Abena Anim-Somuah

lowkey bibliophie. highkey baker. community obsessed

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